Getting Things Done

getting-things-doneMany people ask me about technical skills and training. What I do not hear much of these days is requests for some of the more basic ‘SOFT’ skills that help everyone on a day to day basis. Everyone would like to think that they are efficient users of time, organization and email. The truth, however is that most people struggle daily with their task lists and get stuck up in E-Mail Hell and have what I like to call Email anxiety (Not sure where I heard that). But the truth is that we either push everything in rules to folders or we archive it so it’s there somewhere, but we always wonder if we did in fact respond to X.

One easy way to see if you are one of these organized email keepers or not, is to check and see if you have ever asked someone for an email or information, only to have them forward an email that they had already sent you containing the information.

More on Email later…

A few years ago I started re tooling my time management. I decided to use a technique that I found on one of my favorite blogs.

David Allen’s book “Getting things done”, “The Art of Stress-Free Productivity” has led to some significant ways that I organize my tasks emails I highly recommend buying his book and trying it out for yourself.

Alternatively there is an Audio book version that may be more handy for those who prefer to listen! 😉

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