Is the IPhone ready for business?


Is the IPhone ready for business?

For those who know me I go through a lot of tech, and very fast. I’ve had, or tried out just about every phone technology out there.

The 2 winners so far wereiphone_home

1) Symbian OS on a Sony Ericsson P990

2) Windows Mobile on an HTC

I loved some of the multitasking and interactivity on the Windows Mobile suite but the OS seemed too large for the hardware that I was running it on. It reminded me of when Windows 95 came out and everyone was trying to run it on their 386 machines.

Plagued with daily re-boots and the machine not being fast enough to switch to phone mode in order to answer an incoming call, the device quickly became a fantastic GPS and PDA, but as a phone it was lacking.

I decided to give the IPhone a try.

So the quick answer: as a phone the IPhone is awesome. Free updates, Applications galore.. have you every heard of Windows Mobile having a free automatic update?

So what is it missing, Well both the IPhone and the Windows mobile device fail when it comes to long distance calling cards, I’m not sure why neither  of them have figured this out the way that the Symbian OS has done since the start. You can use 3rd party apps on windows mobile to get the same functionality, but so far I have not found the perfect app for the IPhone.

The IPhone also does not support exchange calendar invites, this is a huge miss, for business I have to go online and open the attachment in notepad or equivalent to try and read it, although Google seems to have figured this out for the calendar app.

Cut and Paste, yeah we are still waiting for this pretty basic feature, although, I will admit to having only needed to use the feature a couple of times…

I am very happy with the IPhone though, it is by far the best overall phone that I have ever used, the big screen, one button interface has so far won me over. I can’t wait for the next set of updates and perhaps a tomtom app on the IPhone to complete the win for me. As for the lack of real push email, I’m not sure that I miss it as a feature, and even more, I’m not sure if I believe that it is necessary. I mean is it email or SMS?

Please IPhone let me choose custom message sounds and email sounds though.. this is really missing. As well as customize the backgrounds and look and feel without jail breaking the dang thing.

Winner so far – IPhone – I am able to do my business and I use IMAP to keep my world in sync.